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Sarah Rip Van Winkle Gardens Bridal session

Photographer : Lauren Smith Weddings
Venue : Rip Van Winkle Gardens
Hair : Hannah Garland
Makeup : Southern Roots Salon (Madeline West Fontenot)
Dress : Deshotel’s Dress Shop
Bouquet : Petals & Pots
Earrings : Kendra Scott

Hey y’all!
Today, we’re sharing my favorite photos from Sarah’s bridal session from a beautiful day at Rip Van Winkle Gardens, Louisiana. The shoot was filled with sunshine, love, and so many laughs. Enjoy looking through the photos we made of the sweet and fun moments of Sarah’s journey to ‘I do.’

First things first, we truly couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. We had the Louisiana sun through the moss covered oak trees, casting the perfect warm glow on our blushing bride. Not to mention, Sarah’s smile could light up the whole garden.

Little back story, I met Sarah 8 whole years ago when I got to take her senior photos before she graduated high school.
Over the years we have even been able to shoot a handful of weddings beside one another with her as the videographer + me as the photographer.
So, to have captured her twirling in a dress for senior pictures back in 2016 – to twirling in her stunning wedding gown now was such a privilege to me and made my heart so full.
Being able to photograph someone I was able to see grow + spend so much time with in the midst of her happiest day was the greatest privilege. I hope each photo captured the love, the playfulness, and the sheer joy that radiated from our sweet bride.
Here’s to Sarah – a bride whose joy was as contagious as her smile, and to the magical moments that were beautifully frozen in time on that unforgettable day in Louisiana. Cheers to love, laughter, and a happily ever after!

Congratulations Mrs.Chaddrick!
I feel so blessed I was chosen to capture so many special moments with you.

** special thank you to Sarah’s sweet mom + sister for assisting on this shoot and just being an absolute blast.

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